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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a body conditioning routine that teaches us new ways of using our bodies and performing daily activites by increasing our postural awareness. It targets the deep postural muscles, realigning and rebalancing the body and may help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing and developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.


Pilates continues to benefit many people worldwide. Modified Pilates works by adjusting the intensity of each exercise through the use of differing limb movements and use of equipment, e.g. theraband, foam rollers and gym balls. This is combined with appropriate breathing control and the essence of mind-body control.


Pilates can be successful in correcting muscle imbalances. These imbalances are caused by overusing certain muscles whilst others are neglected and become weak. Muscle imbalance is a recognised source of pain and can lead to reduced performance in any physical activities. Pilates helps you to understand how you can correct these imbalances. Many people today have poor posture leading to reduced flexibility of the spine and back pain. Pilates can often improve flexibility and ease pain caused by poor posture. It is suitable for everyone with any level of fitness and is frequently recommended by GPs, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.


Modified Pilates can be undertaken by people of all ages and abilities and are normally led by Chartered Physiotherapists. Individual sessions and classes are suitable for use in orthopaedic, neurological, women’s health, sports and paediatric settings. Once a full health assessment / questionnaire is completed, exercises will be adapted to the individual’s needs. I will ensure that all the exercises are taught from a basic level, and built up gradually as confidence and ability improves. This is especially important for those who have undergone surgery such as total hip replacements, and spinal surgery where some exercises taught in fitness classes are not recommended.


I can also offer 1:1 personalised Pilates in the comfort of your own home and will provide all the equipment you require. If a friend or partner would like to join the session I can offer small group sessions at home.



I currently teach beginner and intermediate Pilates classes during the daytime and evening.



Current classes:

Monday      5.30pm            Bloxham, Oxon

Monday      7pm                 Deddington, Oxon

Monday      8pm                 Deddington, Oxon

Friday         9.30 am           Bloxham, Oxon

Friday        10.30 am          Bloxham, Oxon



Courses run throughout the year, usually in 7 week blocks. Prices are £63 per 7 week course. Please contact me to book, as places are strictly limited.


If you have never tried Pilates before, and would like an introductory session prior to starting a class, these can be offered in the comfort of your own home at a cost of £35. A full assessment, explanation about Pilates, and an individual exercise programme will be provided during the session.


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